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Marketing! It's the number two question (after wrapping) in a workshop that I hear! I have six courses on Marketing in our Learning Center that I have highlighted below. I just recorded a new podcast on Marketing that I recorded in Prague. After some time alone and personal reflection I had to ask myself, what is Marketing really. I had written 6 courses yet why do people still struggle? You can listen to the Podcast below, and I encourage you to join me in Marketing at the Learning Center. Creative Marketing Chall[...]

Must Have Mama Tubes

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I have been photographing Maternity for 20 years this year and over the years I have designed hundreds of Maternity gowns for my expecting clients. However my newborn clients also love wearing Maternity gowns for their newborn sessions. The challenge with many Maternity gowns is they are transparent. What do you do for the modest […]

Transition your Way to Greatness

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Do you photograph maternity sessions? I have for 20 years now and I can’t believe how so many things have changed, while stay the same. When I started we just used Mens tshirts and fabric, a trend that is still used to this day! Many Photographers tell me they get in a rut, or get […]
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Transitioning Newborns

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Learning how to transition newborns is essential in having a good workflow. I do transitional posing, and pose transitioning. Read the first 7 pages of my Guide – TransitonalandPoseTransitioningmini Want more? Join our Members site in which the entire 15 page guide is available. (use code savelifetime to get lifetime access for $149.00 or join […]
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Working with Siblings

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I was photographing children long before I was a newborn Photographer. I also took a few years of child development in school and was a teachers aide. So I knew very well how to work with children. Knowing what they are developmentally capable of is super important because you won’t waste time trying to do […]