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ALL New – The Newborn Photography Book: Love and Light | The Practical and Creative Process is here! 

Celebrating Ana’s 20 years in the Industry, this book is over 160 pages with tons of images throughout the Book. 
This information is invaluable, timeless and a handy guide for all levels of Newborn Photographers everywhere. 
Ana has traveled the world for over 10 years and has worked with babies of all nationalities and ethnicity.
Her experience in travel and building her own studio from her home is all captured in this Book. This Book is filled with practical information as well as current trends while showing classic imagery that will stand the test of time.

Table of Contents


Where to begin in Newborn Photography

Your Style


The Newborn Studio


Studio Maintenance and Cleanliness

The Home Studio

Working at the Clients Home

The Retail Studio

Safety & Assistants

The Heated Room

Client Prep and Scheduling

Scheduling Newborns

The Best Time to Photograph a Newborn

Helpful Tips for the First Month

The Premature Baby

The Gassy Baby

Studio Shooting Settings

Single Studio Light Samples

Natural Light Shooting



Baby and Prop Posing

Family Posing

Parent Posing

Posing with Children


Post Production

How will you Run your Business

Pricing and Producing


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This is a hardcopy soft cover book

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