Perfecting Your Work

Below are the Before | After Examples as shown above.

In this example the baby head is pointing up to the ceiling. I had Mom angle the babys head down and lean forward a tiny bit to bring the face to the camera.

In this example I didn’t love the wrap. I feel like it made the baby look too big. I re wrapped the baby into a tighter simpler wrap bringing the focus more to the face of the baby.

The image was a bit too bright and the baby just looked too long. The wrap under the basket was also very distracting. I moved the wrap closer to the bowl and then added a fluff layer on top of the wrap, and turned the light down and angled it down the face.

I loved these twins together but I felt like the shape of them was distracting. I added a simple layer to the bottom of the basket wrapping them together, bringing the focus to the baby.


In the first image, my eye kept going to the background because it was so light. By switching to a darker background, adding a bonnet and tightening up the shape of the fluff, the focus is now more on the baby.

You can see how these tiny changes can make all the difference!

Stay tuned for the release my new downloadable guide with even more examples for newborn and maternity.