Transition your Way to Greatness

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Do you photograph maternity sessions? I have for 20 years now and I can’t believe how so many things have changed, while stay the same. When I started we just used Mens tshirts and fabric, a trend that is still used to this day! Many Photographers tell me they get in a rut, or get stuck on the same pose. Shooting Maternity is not easy, you need to direct and guide your subject who may or may not move so easily.

One way to cure being in your rut is to transition – and do it in threes ie look up, look down, look to the side. Now change the expression each time you do that, now change the hands. By practicing transitional movements and directing your client, before you know it you will work your way to great images that are unique to your client.

Of course you want to keep some general posing tips in mind…such as:

Bending the leg

Lean into the hips

Be soft and gentle with the hands

Change the expressions

Work with hair movement

Lift from the core

Relax and smile!


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